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Feb 3, 2017


While I'm sitting in an airport in Portland hoping I will actually make it to Texas, I think it will be fun to list some of the weird things in my hometown that I never knew were weird, but are definitely a Texan thing. I have already mentioned that everything is truly bigger in Texas, and in looking for apartments it really makes me sad that space is just not a concern in the PNW. But that is mostly because there is a great culture of not being wasteful and being outdoors. When its not cold, I will say this place is very beautiful. Sadly, its been cold like 90% of my stay so far! So besides bigger everything and being a lot warmer, here is a list of 5 things that are Texan that I miss.

Houston has multiple skylines and yes they're all cool in their own way. Houston has 4 distinct centers with skylines but there are more popping up as this city uncontrollably grows. I never thought that buildings over 30 floors was that tall, but in Portland there aren't many actual skyscrapers. There is definitely an area with tall buildings but this place does have earth quakes, landslides, and a hilly terrain so I am not shocked. Texas is very flat, so there is a pure skyline, and when you drive, you see as far out as possible. Portland has many tall trees and nature's skyscrapers- hills. It makes the drive not as bad, its refreshing to see a lot of greenery. I guess traffic is truly unbearable when you can see your office poking out in the skyline but you are stuck in traffic inching closer.

I-10 is 10 lanes across AT IT'S SMALLEST, it is typically 13 lanes across making it a 26 lane interchange. Houston doesn't really believe in public transport so adding additional lanes is not a problem. In Portland most lanes are maybe 3 across. I HATE driving because there are also no feeders (frontage roads) so when you're stuck you are stuck. God forbid there is an accident ahead. Imagine 290 if they never expanded it. That is all of PDX.

Houston has two airports, IAH and Hobby. No, you cannot fly from one to the other, but this makes booking flights so easy. It gives you two pools to pull pricing from and it is always very different between the two. I used to live in between both!

It is the most diverse city in the United States, it just surpassed New York. This is probably the thing I miss the most. Portland isn't diverse but the people are are still very nice! Its a pretty progressive town and honestly a breath of fresh air. I was breathing in River Oaks heavy, PDX has really good vibes (when its not cold). I think people in the south are nice because literally everyone has a gun.

Texas History is a required course and most state facts are very common knowledge. Even before I moved here, my friends and I commonly ask people not from town things about their state. What is your flower, who are your founders? People from other states typically don't confidently know those answers like Texans do. Texas history is a very important part of American History so I won't knock it, USA got like 5 states out of the deal!

It does look like I will be able to leave, but I'm sure turbulence will not be my friend. But hey, it's superbowl weekend! It's going to be so fun :)



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