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Feb 6, 2017


Coming to Houston, even though for a short time, was a great idea! I sat outside with a short sleeve tee, ate crawfish and got to spend time with my favorite people and pup. The night before the Super Bowl LI I wanted to experience at least one event. Being gone made me really sad, there were so many cool things going on around the city. I made my way into one of the largest events of the whole Super Bowl with the help of our friend Dom... THE MAXIM PARTY! If I had to only get into one thing, this was a great option. Downtown was over capacity and Maxim was in Sugarland. It was like the stars were all aligned.
Kyle, Mara, Dom (IE: Best friends forever)
Dj Khalid, DNCE and Travis Scott performed making the vibes major key by default. Chamillonaire brushed past but other "stars" like Nick Cannon, Carmen Electra, Fergie and Ludacris were in the building.
DNCE, Maxim did not allow professional photography so I couldn't get any good ones of Travis Scott or DJ Khalid.
For the actual Super Bowl we headed to Kyle's brother's house for a crawfish boil. It was great being outdoors in a short sleeve tee having my pick of the 90lbs of crawfish that were sacrificed for the game. Since there was an ice/ snow threat / cold and rain situation in Portland I was glad to just not be wearing a jacket and see sun. Crazy how something that simple makes me very happy.

They also bought a new puppy named Domino, a cute Dalmatian pup. He is so cute right now but he's going to get really big!

Overall Gaga did great, the game featured the first overtime ever and largest deficit comeback. Houston was pretty flawless when it came to the events and got MAJOR praise from attendees. This is the city that runs the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo, we got big events on lock.

 I am so happy to have been in Houston to feel the vibes in person. Heading back to Portland Tuesday then Wednesday morning.....

I'M OFF TO NEW YORK annnnd its Fashion week!
Whirlwind to say the least.


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