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Mar 11, 2017


COMIC CON is rolling around and they were so late with pre-registration announcements. I got through in 19 minutes, and that is definitely a record. Although this was the first time we were able to get all 4 days, we opted for Thursday and Friday.

So I always feel the need to explain that no, I don't dress up and and I don't like Anime. Kyle and I are huge TV and Movie fans. The con has been such a cool place to interact with all the random shows I always mention, all of the huge TV and Movie studios always come out with awesome booths and activations. Video games have also been a pretty big thing in the past few years as well! Its been really fun to experience everything at this event.
There are over 1000 vendors with booths, over 1000 panels, and well over 100,000 people attend. Its crazy , and that's why I love going.

I made this checklist and SURVIVAL GUIDE last year and it is the trutthh.

Now that I have experienced that Southwest flight meltdown of 2016, I do want to add PLEASE FLY WITH YOUR BADGE. I did, but many people in the airport with me were not as lucky. In your carry on, this is basic, but fly with at least one day and night worth of clothes, plus your toiletries.
Ya girl has TSA precheck now!!! So flight precheck drama for me is now a thing of the past. I really regret not doing it sooner. At my job TSA came to the office, soooo that's most likely why I said yes.

This year we hope to:

1) Spend more time in LA during the week.
2) Get Conan tickets.
3) Experience MTV Fandom Awards again
4) Network with more SDCC events during the time we are there

NOOOWW, On to planning what to wear and what to do. I love this time of the year. I wonder what sneaker heat we will bring this time around.....



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