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Mar 13, 2017


Here is a secret I've been keeping all year... I WATCHED THE BACHELOR ALL SEASON. I've never seen a single episode of the bachelor but during one of our snowpocalypse days I started binging and here I am. 
I hate Nick, and I feel like he's not going to pick any of the girls. If I have to guess, I hope he picks Raven. They keep saying something that has never happened before will happen, I've never watched soooo  I can't come up with a scenario. I mean, I'm also kind of waiting to see if he proposes and the girl says no BECAUSE THAT'S HIS BIGGEST FEAR! He's basically made it all the way to the proposal 2 times and got rejected, I think finding luck on TV is not the wave for him.
I also feel like I only watched this show for Corrine but once she left I was kind of bored. She was an awful person too but was just great to watch.
Have you seen the bachelor workout challenge? I wish I did this all season but for this last episode, lets play along:
See a rose-- 10 Crunches
Someone Cries-- 10 Lunges 
"Amazing"-- 5 pushups
"My future wife..." 10 bicycle crunches 
"The Right reasons" -- 15 Calf Raises
This will be fun!

In honor of the final rose, I linked a few rose items from my fave brand Ban.do below. I want everything.

How are you watching tonight?
Happy groggy Monday, daylight savings time owes me an hour!


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