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Mar 14, 2017


Its been almost 5 months since I moved to Portland! I had maybe 3 weeks to plan my move and I ended up coming here on a oneway ticket with 2 suitcases. I paid to ship my car that had a trunk full of clothes and other random items. We did a little bit of planning after that, but here we are 5 months later, and I have been living with no furniture. With a bit of change in plans with my stuff in Houston, I am going to start furnishing my apartment in PDX. I obviously want to do this on the cheap because 1) I own 1500 Sq Ft worth of stuff, 2) Shit is just expensive. 
It's fun because I am picking small pieces and I get to design a new place! I will be sharing some cheap and easy DIY hacks for temporary living situations. Conveniently while trying to make my house look like a home Modern Map Art  reached out and sent me a Houston Map Art Poster! I will be framing it for my bedroom and will show you my completed hacked bedroom next month. 
Below I have really cute living room inspiration for anyone who is interested in these Map Art Posters. I kind of want to buy New York and Portland to add to a gallery wall. I think being able to experience other parts of the country I have developed a love for a rustic, industrial style. I am dreaming of covering my dream kitchen in subway tiles.  I have a new love for leather couches and house plants. These map art posters layer in so well, I can't wait to share my new space with you!
I love my Houston Map Poster. Its pretty thick and comes in many measurements. I wanted mine to be a statement piece so I have a large 24x36 piece. It came tightly in a heavy duty poster tube and was preserved nicely! I get nervous sometimes with shipping prints so it was a pleasant arrival.
Life is good, I can't wait to share my DIY's and Hacks with you! If you are interested in Modern Map Art Posters you can find them here: https://www.modernmapart.com.



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