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Apr 16, 2017


My music Monday is an OLD project that I am working on resurrecting. Remember when I used to make mixtapes? Well, I accidentally deleted them all from media fire. I really miss this project and I hope to start mixing again VERY SOON. I liked the emotions I had while making this tape, thats what music is to me. There are certain songs I associate with times in my life, and this is no different. I can't wait to start mixing again. 

I usually take this time of the year to talk about coachella trends and I am hoping I'm not old because I hated a lot of what I saw! I don't like the face paint trend and the bindi trend. I hate the glitter hair part. I just can't. Is festival fashion over? 
Also, let's take a moment to acknowledge Lokai is releasing a green bracelet! They debut it during their Coachella coverage on IG and I can not wait to get one! Mine look so dusty because I don't take them off, so a green replacement is much needed. I'm just here for normal boho slayage. 


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