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Apr 19, 2017

Bubble N Tea, A PDX Foodie Chronicle

On Saturday I ventured off to find this boba place I came across on Instagram. Since I got to Portland I have found Instagram is the easiest place to find food, activities, or areas of town to visit. Bubble N Tea is outside of Portland in the Beaverton area. They have a tea topped with cotton candy that I want to try next! I started off with Matcha milk green tea with boba. The boba (tapioca bubbles) were really fresh and you could definitely tell they use premium teas.  The large bucket cups are really cute but do not fit a car cupholder. The shop is cute but small, it maybe has five 2 person tables. I would say to just hang out there to enjoy your tea. On my way home I didn't want to take any chances so I put mine in the seatbelt!

Hey Grey Inikis!

I'm trying hard not to eat around the world but its one of the few things I don't mind doing alone. I need to add the gym to my list of fun things I like to do alone because ya girl is starting to look a little too healthy. Le struggle. Mo money, mo problems. 


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