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May 24, 2017


DFRNT Pigeon is a streetwear brand from Portland. The design team is full of young adults that are a part of the the youth program at Avenues for Youth. Different Pigeon is a brand made for and by young people with an underrepresented voice. The brand also provides training for these young adults to develop their abilities into a potential career path. 

New Avenues for Youth provides opportunities and creates self sufficiency for homeless and at-risk youth in Portland. They started about a year ago and have put out two collections so far. The current collection is called IDENTITY and is available here.  

I had a fun chat with Dominic the creative director and actual director of the program. He has a ton of knowledge and experience in product development and designing and really pushes these kids to their full potential. After these young adults draw their ideas he helps them perfect their sketches, digitize them, and continue the product development cycle until the line is complete. 
My favorite quote from their catalog:

"And when it comes to Adversity?
We don't just rise above it, 
We take flight"


If you haven't heard of them you should check out their website, it supports the cause and is such a great conversation piece. The story behind each design is so amazing! This is one of the first interesting brands I have interacted while here in Portland, OR!  I'm so excited to feature them as they continue to evolve!



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