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May 26, 2017


The sun is out and the beloved 3 day Memorial weekend is here. For most people school is out and the vacation planning and pool hopping begins. My job has summer hours so I get to head out after lunch on Fridays. I thought this was great at first but the whole state is apparently on summer hours. Things are so crowded!!!
 In PDX some lows are around 50, it warms up to about 80 but this dress is so perfect for those cool nights! My dress is less than $30 right now and is from TOBI, my hat is last season H&M. 
With the season of sun here it is so important to protect your skin. Did you know that 86% of melanomas can be attributed to UV sun exposure?  The risk of melanomas double in people who have had more than 5 sunburns in their life.However, foods you eat can reduce your risk? These foods include blueberries, green tea, black tea, dark chocolate and cherries! These are already the perfect summer foods. Be sure to cover up with season! I will definitely be following my skincare routine and wearing hats when needed. My other favorite way to protect against the sun is different sunglasses! Every year I buy a new pair of Raybans but since I have a new job I no longer really have a Rayban plug. I have a few options and I will share which glasses I went with soon!

How cute is this dress? It is under $30 and I have 2 more dresses to share with you and more summer fun on this long 3 day weekend.
Are you excited for summer? 
I know I am :) 



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