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May 1, 2017


Hello May! (Insert paragraph of how I don't believe it and that I can't believe I have been living in Portland this long. )
Its starting to be a little more sunny and warm up a tad. This four seasons thing was cute at first but this shit is for the birds. Who can be this cold and pale for this long? Why am I not wearing short sleeve shirts yet? This experience is still great. Learning what I like and don't like is major key in life.
Look forward, I can't wait for summer and all of the talk about comic con has me super excited for summer and being out exploring more. A little sneak peek of what I am excited for this summer are these shoes! They are SDCC ready but I should have sized up on these. They fit pretty small and crease in the toe box area bad.
This May I am making an effort to be more active. I have gained about 10lbs since winter and I need it to all melt away! It's so easy to gain weight but its hard to lose it. There are a few home workouts I will be sharing on my blog this month because it's not always that easy to get up and go to the gym, and a little home cardio can never hurt. 

The year is halfway over, are you closer to your goal you set for the year?

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