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May 14, 2017

ZERO DEGREES | My New favorite Boba Spot in Beaverton.

No, it's not zero degrees outside. There is a new boba place in town and its right around the corner from my house!  The line is always at least 35 people long and today I decided I would go. Thankfully there were about 15 people in line when I went. I still was there for about an hour to get my drinks. Zero Degrees started in California and this is the first franchise. Judging by the long lines, it is a success. It has been about a week or 2 since the soft opening and no matter what time I drive by the line is guaranteed to be out the door.
The ingredients are fresh and the boba is very sweet and freshly made as well. The most popular things are the two things I tried, Mango twist drinks and Split Cups.
I opted for strawberry limeaid with the mango twist straw. It has Tajin sprinkled on the mango, definitely reminds me of Texas. I love a good limeaid and this one was FRESH with strawberries, mint and lime remains in the bottom. 

Since I don't know when I will be lucky enough to be at Zero with no line, I also grabbed a split cup This is so perfect for someone like me who can't make up their mind. I chose half sea salt green tea with boba and half horchata coffee. I love green tea and this was so fresh and the boba was sooo good. They also put a good amount inside. My heart was so happy. I always am telling my coworkers  I don't drink coffee. When I saw horchata + coffee I was in. Horchata is a rice milk, cinnamon combo. I don't drink coffee but I would not mind a full cup of that horchata coffee. I think I will get that with boba when I go back. Its SO GOOD. 
Overall I totally recommend this place. The mango twist is better for a REAL summer day when its like 80 or 90 outside. Coffee horchata might be my new jam while I'm in the PNW.



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