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May 18, 2017

MARC ECKO: Unlabel

 I read Marc Ecko's book Unlabel about 4 years ago... I never wrote my review. It has sat in my draft for that long. I was really inspired at the time and today while walking to lunch I saw that Marc will be on campus next week. I am dying and really excited to hear a keynote with him and Wex! He's a great businessman, in terms of branding, he's honestly talented. Outside of Ecko Unlimited, you know he started complex media? COMPLEX!!!!

So, its been about 4 years. Unlabel is still timeless. I have had a small internal struggle with my blog since I moved to Portland. Throughout these years I have never focused on this blog 100%. In college I focused on school and did this on the side. Throughout the last few years I have focused on my career and did this on the side. My blog has been consistent for sure, but I never give it a true focus.
I started blogging in college when I moved to Huntsville. I was studying fashion merchandising and I wanted to document my journey. At the time I wasn't thinking about getting sent things for free, followers, revenue. I blogged what was cool to me with what I had. In between classes I would throw up a blurb about trends, music, or life. When I graduated I was working in the field I wanted to. I got invited to events in the city that I blogged about on weekend or after work. I got sent things in the mail to review and even made a little money along the way. Again, all without making this a main focus. Now that I am alone in PDX, blogging is something I want to really focus attention to, but resources are slim.

I remember reading this book because there have always been moments I wonder if I could brand myself and find a way to be my own boss somehow. I know what I like and what I'm good at, but I have always lacked confidence. When people meet me, or see projects I spend a lot of time and attention on, they are always impressed. That is me. That is my brand. My style of work and how I carry myself are a part of my brand and people like it. I don't know why I have lacked so much confidence.

I moved because I wanted to really surround myself in a high caliber field. Now that I am here, I get that I can do anything. Now that I have more confidence than before, I don't have all the resources. Outside of my comfort zone of friends, dog and family...I don't have or know any photographers, Portland is a small city so there aren't as many events, its not as diverse so I am trying to find a lane.
Even though I originally downloaded this book on my google Nexus, I added it to my audible account to listen to again. I think after this much growth I think it will be an inspiring thing to hear now that I am at a different place in my life.

In the book authenticity is the function of three variables: Fear, Action, and self. To call to action, you have to first overcome your fears. If moving to Portland alone with two suitcases isn't fear I really don't know what is. Snow was my biggest fear when people asked me what I was afraid of... So today, now that I over came those... I'm afraid I will let my blog slip away because I keep making excuses for not focusing on it. Now that I am here I want to meet more brands, work with new people, create my own lane out here. I have so many ideas but then I stop myself because I talk myself into thinking I have no resources. What I mean to say is, yeah I can probably run a one woman show but it won't come out how I am envisioning. I need to be ok with that fact that IT IS OK. As creative as I am, I think I can pull something interesting together. This weekend I am finishing Unlabel for the second time and really putting my thinking cap on for the next version of malibumara.com.
When I read this book the first time I wanted to learn about branding myself. My biggest take away was learning about Marc's emphasis on the authenticity formula. Being authentic is something that is easy for me because I'm an only child and being myself is what I am used to. It is also my sixth sense to identify bullshit people. Even at a high caliber company like adidas, I still find a few basic people dressed in costumes. You can't fake culture, and no amount of clothing or shoes can make up for a lack of personality. Marc's emphasis on being your true self helped me in a way 4 years ago, but today I think I would benefit one million times more.



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