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Jun 21, 2017

Congrats, We made it to Summer.

Living in Texas when the calendar said "First day of summer" I always scoffed because it truly is summer year round. By June we would have at least 2 months of "hot" already so I never really understood what June 21st really meant.


Four seasons really is life changing. The fact that its actually FINALLY hot blows my mind. Last week I wore a sweater and was like, WHY THE HELL AM I IN A SWEATER?Well, coming home to an 80 degree apartment is not what I consider a relaxing moment. At least outdoors its beautiful! I like doing outdoor workouts and going on long walks. I'll take it in because I know the rest of the year here is trash.

Where have I been? I've been a little MIA on the blog lately.

Stay Tuned.


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