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Jun 26, 2017


One of my favorite trends this summer is gingham. I have been eyeing a few cute pieces from Shein but its so easy to fall into that website for hours. This print works well with any piece: tops, pants, or skirts. I think its a great print to infuse into your wardrobe this season. Its so easy to find at thrift stores and is a classic print. Modern versions are just a larger size of this stripe pattern, but still soooooo cute. 

With it being summer I have 5 style tips for the summer sun:

1) Wear Loose Clothing: This is common sense, its more comfortable and lets your body breathe. Portland is not humid, and this dry air calls for loose breathable tops. In Houston, nothing is worse than that humidity. Tight clothes just start to feel gross after a while in the sun. 

2)Wear Natural Fabrics. Most synthetic fabrics are made from a oil or plastic chemical base. Both of those just automatically sound uncomfortable in the sun. Unless this synthetic fabric was treated with special coating that is dry wicking, anti microbial, uva/avb--skip it! Cotton really will be your best friend.

3)Hats and sunglasses are your other best friends. I didn't wear that many hats in Houston but in Portland I find myself throwing on a baseball cap every now and then. Sun glare is real here. Sunglasses have always been a wardrobe must but you need to protect your eyes! The sun really is damaging.

4) I know backpacks are a trend, but a crossbody will take you pretty far. Who wants a sweaty back? Unless the purpose is utilitarian, leave it at home. Crossbodys are so simple and easy to carry, they come in many sizes and colors! 

5)Wear light colors. My mom told me this when I was really young, but it's very true. Why do you think Chefs wear white? It doesn't absorb as much heat, and helps keep you cool. It also looks great on tan skin! 

With all of these tips, don't forget sunscreen! Especially for your face, your body will thank you as you get older. Hope you're having a great week so far! 

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