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Jul 3, 2017


On this random Holiday week I am sharing 10 faves from the month of June. In retrospect I should have tried to take off Monday but not everyone could be gone from the office... so here I am. Regardless, I don't have major 4th plans, but I am excited to have the day off.
All June I have been reaching for these items non stop and I wanted to share them with you! I haven't done a favorites in a while because they don't change that often. My beauty items are typically staples so they don't change every month. My body chemistry is changing and the environment around me is really different so I have a few new things to share:

1: Adilettes. I think these are from the Chita Oriental pack, but there is always a fun print or color to choose from online. I love this print and I don't know why, the red with blue flower is so cute. I also just got the tank top and leggings on sale... I couldn't help it. 

2. Bergamont Water Bath and Body Works candles. This scent is really clean and fresh. I don't like really girlie scents. My typical favorite scent is mahogany teakwood but I needed a summer refresh. This is perfect, its crisp and refreshing. 

3. Spiced Mangos from Trader Joes. This is my go to snack and every week when I get groceries I pick up a pack of these. Spicy sweet is one of my favorite flavor combinations. 

4. Oils of Life eye cream from The Body Shop. I have mentioned this before but I love the way it instantly depuffs my eyes. It so sheer and does not leave  a weird film where I put it. 

5. Maybelline Superstay Matte ink lipstick. This will get its own blog post because I got it free from influenster. This lip color lasts 16 hrs! I have only had it only for about 12, and it lasted that whole time with no touchups! It also doesn't smear everywhere. 

6. Adidas Inikis. These are one of my favorite silhouettes right now. I often reach of them every day (since I do wear sneakers to work 9/10).  They are super comfy and a nice boosted shoe. You know I love my boost. 

7. Crystal Deodorant I'm one of those people who thinks that deodorant causes their underarms to be darker. Since I started using crystal it has lightened up, but unfortunately this is only a deodorant, not anti-persperant. Ive ended up mixing it with a spray anyway but I am still liking it. 

8. Loreal Air Dry Mousse. This stuff smells soooo good and when I just want my hair curly its my go to. 

9. Chi Serum. So, this came for free with my chi straightener... I HATE the straightener. The Chi sucks. My hair needs more heat than that... BUT the serum smells so good. In a place like PDX with not a lot of humidity it is a great hold for my hair. 

10. Glossier Balm dot com. GUYS, this balm is the best thing ever. I use it as a lip balm but you can put it on your elbows or cuticles. Its so hydrating and doesn't leave a residue.

My latest binge is Riverdale. It is based off of Archie's comics and is soooo good! It comes on the CW but I binged all of season one on netflix. I hope they show up at Comic Con!



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