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Aug 18, 2017



FASHBACK. Fashion flashback. Can we talk about 90's fashion? I know the grunge Cobain/denim thing was a trend but 90's urban is having a moment. People keep talking a lot about culture and now that I work at a giant that is pivotal in fashion at this moment I've become hypersensitive to the lack of diversity in certain places (including where I'm at). Jay-z talks about this in this first interview since 4:44 released. We are the culture, but we are not apart of the machine behind it, but I don't know why. I always see the quote that says "they love our culture but they don't love us"... and I totally get it. Urban culture really influences everything, it's why hip-hop is now the largest consumed form of music in America right now, it's where streetwear trends are born and even popular vernacular. All I can say is, it's kind of like the wizard of oz. I'll tell this story one day, but for now.... Can I share amazing inspo from the 90's?
NSYNC was really out here wearing fubu

David Beckham really wore a Durag to meet Prince Charles hahahaha
Gwen was in a band that I grew up LOVING. I was like 5 jamming out to Tragic Kingdom
This is just iconic. 3 stacks has always taken risks. I plan on posting street style again every week. Im trying to take my blog back to the basics. It took a minute to decide how to make my blog fun again since I moved but I've figured it out! Stay tuned for new content... I'm taking it back to where we started.


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