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Aug 14, 2017


I've been watching a lot of DIY youtubers and youtube videos and kept seeing people revamping their stuff with bleach. We got these free shirts are work and I saw that someone had bleached theirs and I thought, "wow, what a great idea!" This only works with 100% cotton tees, so be to only do this on cotton or it will not work.
I went to the dollar store and grabbed one spray bottle and one small thing of bleach. I don't use bleach on my laundry so I had to run out and buy these things!
There are many methods to the bleach tee I went for the easy one:

1)Fill spray Bottle with Bleach (Carefully!!!)
2) My deck is a dark wood so I laid some cardboard down, you don't have to but just know bleach can damage your floors or deck.
3) Spray in the area that you want with the bleach effect, you can adjust your nozzle for the preferred mist level. It is permanent so what you do can not be undone!
4) Let sit for 10 minutes
5) Flip shirt and spray the back as well!
6) Let sit another 10 minutes
7) At this point you can rinse with cold water or be like me and put this on speedwash on its own on cold in the washer and dryer OR you can hand wash this on cold. To neutralize the bleach mix hydrogen peroxide with water to set this stain.

Then you're done, its so simple and easy. There are many ways to bleach dye things but the spray bottle is the easiest.


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