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Sep 27, 2017


It's that time. It's fall and some of my favorite shows are back. Its about to get cold and dreary and it's just perfect to bundle up and binge. These are 5 shows I am looking forward to:

How to Get Away With Murder (kind of)
They Killed my favorite character so I am not sure if I can get into this season. It comes back Thursday Sep 28, 2017! It's almost here.

Mr. Robot
You already know I love Mr. Robot. Cyber security engineer, hacker by night. Because of our current political climate and international diplomacy with some countries, this is a really interesting show.

90's House
This is a new show on MTV that taps into my current love for the 90s. A bunch of 20 somethings are living in a house together like it's the 90s. They have to stick with this lifestyle for a chance to win 90K. No cell phones, no amazon, no twitter or instagram... the 90s were a different kind of fun. This show comes on Tuesdays and started on September 26th.

Stranger Things
Need I even say anything about this show? It is so amazing and I am still so sad I never made it through their activation during comic con. They have such a huge fandom already and I just can't wait to see this plot grow this season.

I am probably most excited for this show. It comes back October 11th and will pick up in a great spot where season 1 ended. This show is based on the Archie's comic and the characters are just so well done. Sidenote, homegirl that plays Cheryl is soooo fab on instagram. Also, I was in the elevator with one of the pussy cats during comic con! She stayed at our hotel. But anyway, it's a great show. It comes on the CW. Get into it.

It's been a busy week and will continue to be crazier! I am working on some new posts... I'm really sad with how absent I've been but I'm alive and well y'all. Let me get my life.



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