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Oct 1, 2017


Its October! Its fall, time to get spooky. You know what's spooky? Adulting. 
Y'all, this marks 12 months of living in Portland. Well, almost. The end of this month marks 12 months of living in Portland. If you've followed my blog these last 12 months, its actually been really hard. It's great in the sense I am learning alot, I've already gotten a promotion, I enjoy working with my originals team... But it's been hard in the sense of being here alone, trying to work with a new team that I don't blend with, being black in Portland, and dealing with no HEB or Canes. 
Anyway, it's not anything that can kill me. My only challenge is losing weight the rest of the year! 

In other news, after years of using most of the same items, I finally ventured out and tried a few new beauty products. I LOVE them and have used them all September and wanted to share them:

1) Mario Badescu Facial Spray: I admit I only tried this because it was really hyped but I am not regretting it. You can use it to set makeup which is what I use it for. It makes me look really dewy which is my vibe right now. It smells like roses, but there is a green version that is aloe. Mario makes a moisturizer with SPF that is in my cart next. This product is also only $7 so it's pretty affordable compared to most products like this. 

2) Maybelline eyestudio eyeliner: This product is one of the few eyeliners that stays on all day without smudging on me. I was having an issue with my liner starting to look worn by the end of the day and this was a google recommendation. It is not easy to apply at all. I am using an old essence eyeliner pen as my tool to line my eyes. 
3) Choosy lip mask: This lip mask is one of my favorite korean lip masks! I got it at "Pretty and Cute" a Korean beauty store here in Portland. Amazon also has this mask, below I linked a sephora one as well. I have huge lips but this mask plumps them a little more. Since my lips are real *insert eyeroll here* I have lip wrinkles and it helps smooth them. 
4)FENTY BEAUTY LIP GLOSS: GIRRRLLL. Rih is everything for her beauty line. I have not tried the foundations but I am really glad she is tagged with being inclusive with this line. I stopped by sally's beauty supply looking for nail colors and I over heard a pale white lady telling her mom how excited she was about the line. She was like " There are 40 shades, really light shades that I can actually wear." I know there was a focus on how darker girls and women of color were excited for this, but its also hard for someone with porcelain skin to find a match. The undertone sometimes is too pink or strangely orange.  I want to actually go to a Sephora to match my color, we know is swear by cover fx but if Rih has a match too I would like to give it a try. 
5) Anastasia Dipbrow: This was another product I caved and bought. For years on my blog I talked a lot about the elf eye brow duo. It's only $3 and served me well since... college? Well, my last 2 kits have been really bad. On my last one the brush fully fell apart. I don't know if they changed the formula but I was on the hunt for something new. I tried the NYX brow gel and I liked it on day 1 but it dried out soooo quick. I finally said I would give the brow queen a try. Ulta has the WORST customer service but it's my only makeup store within like 5 miles. I spent like 30 minutes trying to decide between chocolate and medium brown. I ended up with medium brown and I am pretty happy with it. It is only $18 but you get .14oz of product. Elf comes with about .06 only because it also comes with about .6 of brow powder as well. I never really used the powder. I put Anastasia on my brows with a thin brush then brush my brows with a spooly or go over them with boy brow with glossier. 

Can we laugh at this sample AOP print top and bottom I got at work? It has birds all over it!
Mondays: This shit is for the birrrrrrddss
OK, It's been a long year. Lets get back to blogging like normal. I've been in a little slump but I have to keep creating... innovate or die? I think someone wise recently said that. 

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