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Oct 8, 2017


Yes, I even made a cookie jar with my cloche I found at goodwill for $3. I put different candy in their normally but when I saw halloween jo jo's from Trader Joe's I couldn't miss this opportunity. 
This DIY took 2 steps. I ordered my contact paper on amazon and simple $20 coffee table from the amazon warehouse in black. My whole living room is white so I wanted to tie back and break up how harsh the black looked in my living room. My whole living room was designed on the low. Everything in this photo was $100 TOTAL. Yes, that includes the couch and the side tables. My couch was a steal, you wont believe the price I got it for but it retails for almost $700. I have been really curating my living room since I moved and I am pleased with my ability to get this furnished with a good eye for cheap.

WEST ELM: $599

I did three sections of marble contact paper just because it was the only way I could get it to look somewhat seamless. I slowly stuck it to the table top and smoothed it out with an old loyalty card. There are many colors and styles on this contact paper on amazon! I debated so hard between this and the black marble. Overall I am happy with how it turned out.
I have seen youtube videos on how people put this on their countertops too. This would be an easy DIY for any thrifted furniture too! It was just easiest for me to do this with something from Amazon. The Amazon warehouse is my favorite hack. Items are usually perfectly fine but the box itself might be damaged. They are always a little cheaper. I have had good luck so far with the warehouse. My headboard in my room is also from there! A full $30 cheaper bc it was opened but still perfect.  I'll be sharing more of my ballin on a budget hacks on my blog so stay tuned!


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