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Oct 17, 2017


Before the weather here gets really wet, we decided to take advantage of a good weather weekend and do fall things. Yes its a little chilly here already and I took the opportunity to head with some gals to a pumpkin patch out in Sauvie Island. Besides getting lost in a corn maze shaped like Damian Lillard, I picked up a cute pumpkin and tried my first elephant ear. Don't worry, its a flat churro. I have never seen it in Texas before, but I recommend it.
Now on to the fun part, decorating your pumpkins...
Here is some pumpkin inspo from pinterest. I am not sure which one I want to do yet but the little fox is screaming my name because he looks like my Toshiboy. Unicorn is also really cute but I would have to paint the whole thing! I should suck it up, I'm just not into carving. 


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