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Oct 25, 2017


At work we dress super casual, I have never worn a dress pant. I am trying to find a balance to where I feel dressed up but still chic. Its funny when people comment on some of my IG photos they mention that they don't see that side of me at work. I don't think I look busted but I definitely try to wear sneakers almost every day. I have work wear from my last job and this tom boy chic trend is something I want to try to work into my wardrobe. I own the mix of the two, I just don't know how to balance it into a signature style. I tend to look different every day and it just throws me off in the morning. 
Enough rambling, I just wanted to post a mood board of people doing this trend justice. I also came across this Zara blazer at a thrift store and didn't buy it. I still regret it. It would have been soooo perfect. Coincidently, this check print is all over Zara's FW2017 collection. Trends really do come back around! 


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