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Mar 3, 2018

Hey March! Innit is helping us stay on track.

OKAY, so  January went on for what felt like FOR-EVER! February passed by so quick, it wasn't fair. It is MARCH and I am really excited for spring and travel. Part of that means I need to eat better! I have a hard time with cooking too much, or not wanting to cook, etc, This app has been a fun little savior for me. Sometimes when I look for recipes I peruse pinterest, pin 6 million recipes, try to remember what I can cook, frankenstein a shopping list and then totally still forget an ingredient when I shop. I can't always find/don't like certain ingredients, so the customization in this app is major key. So how does it work? Step one, download Innit.

Once you download the app you can scroll through a ton of recipes. If something sounds intriguing you can click on it and customize the sides and ingredients based on your diet or cook time. For me, sometimes I don't know or like certain ingredients. It's easy to swap things out  and create and easy meal plan. From there, the app aggregates a shopping list for you! So, going to the store is so easy and you won't forget an ingredient like I always do.

If you are looking for a way to try out new things to cook, this is a fun app to give that a try! 


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