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Mar 4, 2018

Kendleton Farms | Shop Local, Support a Great Cause

Before I get into the amazing cause that is Elijah Rising, I want to be sure to highlight that all products from Kendleton Farms help provide assistance to survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. The survivors live, heal and work at Kendleton Farms and lets be real, the products are so amazing.  In my care package from my girl Sam, who I went to high school with by the way, I got the best array of items that represent the brand. 
Kendleton Farms uses natural and high quality materials in their line. The scents on everything are really impressive. I was actually surprised by the quality here. This line is so cute I hope it has found its way into little boutiques already! The aesthetic is everything and every little detail goes a long way.
The Items I received are linked below:
Charcoal Mint Natural Soap (not available)
Tobacco and Cedar Soy Candle (14.5 oz linked)
Is this not the cutest candle? It also smells amazing. 4.5oz won't do, I need to spring for the 14.5oz ones. I am so curious to see what the other scents smell like, the prickly pear and honey bourbon are sitting in my cart as we speak. I love giving gifts that are not only amazing, but also for a good cause. If you are looking for items to fill a gift bag just know that this is my new go-to. The items I am talking about range from $5-$28. 
I have been eyeing different types of bath salts so this came at a good time. I can't wait to unwind with this lava soak. It has a clean scent and I love the way it looks on my already cluttered bathroom counter. It fits the vibe, so I am here for it.
If you want to learn a little more about Elijah Rising click here. Through prayer, awareness, intervention and aftercare they are committed to ending Sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is always a major problem in port cities, Houston is one of the worst, but Portland is also pretty bad.
You can shop Kendleton Farms HERE.

Thanks for sending me this package Sam! This is one of the coolest things I have been able to share with my readers.

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