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Mar 12, 2018


I have been busting it in the Gym for the past few weeks and I am feeling more like myself again. I have gained some weight since moving and the gym is making me feel like I am getting back to the dancer bod I used to have. I have been an adamant gym goer for a few years now, but I am happy getting back into a grand routine. 
Different things work for different people. Because I typically go to the gym and lift weights, or use weights for workouts, bodyweight cardio exercises will do nothing for me. If you are starting from zero, sure...cardio alone will show results at first. You will not become shredded from just cardio. It doesn't work that way. If you are looking to build muscle, cardio actually can hamper muscle gains. I alternate arms/back and leg day at the gym, but I always end with the elliptical. To burn more fat, cardio after weights is best. Some people say the other way around, and some people day it doesn't matter. For me, I prefer to do cardio after. The general rule of thumb is if you are looking to increase endurance, do cardio first. If you are looking to lose weight or increase strength, do cardio after. 
I have done lots of research over the years and have done things the right and wrong way and seen real results doing things a certain way. I mentioned on my IG that I was trying Kayla Itsines BBG. As someone who does a harder gym routine... it wasn't something that works for me. Yes BBG is a good workout, but if I'm doing lunges I prefer to put 110 lbs on my back and do 4 sets of 12. Not walk around a room for 24 sets. Will I be tired from lunging around a room? Sure. Will I feel as accomplished as reaching 145 lbs as a PR lunge? NOPE. 
I like being able to go to the gym after a day of work, unwind and have some quiet time to just listen to music, turn my brain off and just sweat. Some people hate lifting or using machines but I personally kind of love reaching a new PR. I have WEAK arms. I started about 3 weeks ago only being able to do a wide grip lat pull-down with about 50 lbs, now I'm pulling 75. My goal is to pull 120. I love the gratification of being able to see my strength build. I just plug in and chip away at my fitness goals. 
I have a few different playlists but I am always into really upbeat songs when I'm at the gym, so here are my music Monday selections:

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