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May 20, 2018


When you say CHI-CITY? Okay enough Kanye quotes. He's so problematic but I kinda gotta support him because you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Speaking of, I went to CHI-CITY for work. So of course, number one order of business, see the bean. I guess the real name is cloud gate? Regardless, we got maybe 3 group photos in and it started POURING. I read the weather before I left and it did warn of lightening and thunderstorms. Did you know people exist that didn't know thunderstorms means rain? Like always means rain? We came with rain jackets because I had to explain that. I never knew people thought thunder was its own thing. But anyway, it started pouring so we ran underneath the bean to take cover. You know, its made of all metal? Neededless to say, we all got kicked out. If that thing got struck by lightening we like, would have all died. It was also flooding really bad in the manner of 10 minutes. What a memory. Of course we took a bit of shelter in the nearest thing, a walgreens... so I bought a magnet. You know, I collect them when I travel. 
I really need to go back, we ate our way around Chicago but there is so much I didn't get to try. The trip started off on a creepy foot. The inside of our airbnb was cool, the outside was really sketchy. The host was SUPER sketch, but the exposed brick will forever be interior goals. 
The amount of murals is also pretty cool! Chi reminds me a lot of HTX but it gets WAY TOO COLD in the winter, so I could never live there. Visit? Yes for sure. 
Part of our food tour had us at Mahalos, Big star tacos and the famous Lou Malnati's. Is it weird that Ahi Nachos at Mahalo's was my favorite thing? I could eat it everyday. Unexpected fave, but I am here for it. 
I grew up with Six Flags but to visit the one at Gurnee Mills was still pretty fun. I rode maybe 3 things and ran to get a turkey leg. There is nowhere in PDX that I trust to get one, so I had to get my fill. I regret nothing, obviously didn't ride anything after eating which I kind of regret but my last job has be tapped out on amusements! I will be headed to Cedar Point when I travel to Ohio in July, so I will get my fill then. Overall, we managed to balance work and play very well. I thought it was going to be really rainy but luckily after our Monday bean incident everything else was fine!


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