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Jun 4, 2018

I Took A Calligraphy Class

In an effort to live my best life and cross out things on my vision board I set my sights on taking a calligraphy class this year. Spoiler alert, it is a lot harder (for me) than it looks. I write in all caps soooo learning how to write normal, and fancy is still a struggle. I practice still from time to time. BUT WOW ITS NOT EASY. 
Rachel Jacobson taught the class. She is a local modern calligrapher and I loved her work and her Instagram. We did the class at Tendue in SE Portland and they poured smith tea. As if the calligraphy class didn't already sell me, the tea definitely won me. 
We started the class by getting used to holding the nib, learning how to do some warm ups and then got into learning the alphabet. I write in all caps so it was a challenge but I want to get better. I am thinking of trying a different nib and making my own modern handwriting. There are so many rap quotes that would make for cool things!
Would you ever take a calligraphy class?

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