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Aug 5, 2018

Hey, Altair.

Welcome to Tamara Altair.

It took a minute but we had to grow up a little bit. I was going to write a long post explaining the name change, what Altair means to me, but I don't think its necessary, at least right now. I have learned that change and being uncomfortable is where you grow the most. Doing things outside of my comfort zone is where I thrive, so it was time to let go of my comfort zone and grow into a new one.

 I dug deep into my very first blog post ever on malibumara.com back in 2008 and it was simple and short.

All it said was "Expect great things."

The last 10 years were great, so here's to at least 10 more.

I'm older, smarter, and hungrier than I have ever been before. Expect great things, done right.

OKAY, SO like... this is definitely a work in progress still. I really wanted to blog, but this isn't my ideal platform still. I have so many ideas, but I wasn't good at wordpress when I was trying out the buildout. Until I can figure it out, this is kind of my band-aid. I'm still pushing out fun new content until we figure it out. I think my whole life is a work in progress... OMG. A JOKE. What an interesting break but.... the bitch is back.


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