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Aug 7, 2018

OHIO Travel Diary

Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Ohio for my best friends Birthday. When I first mentioned the location to people I felt heavily judged but Ohio is lowkey lit. Off the Rock & Roll hall of fame alone, I would go back. I spent fourth of July weekend doing the basic: Cincinnati Zoo, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Indians Game, and Put-in Bay.
I am OBSESSED with Fiona the Hippo. She has been so adorable and her story is so sweet. She was born 6 weeks premature and only weighed 29 lbs. The normal weight for a baby hippo is 55-120 lbs. She couldn't stand and needed to be fed by bottle, this was the first time they ever bottle fed a hippo. No one prior ever milked a hippo... dead. I'm dying. After about a month she was teething and hated the bottle and she became dehydrated and had to have an IV. She has been very well on her way since then. She is definitely a sensation and made us all forget that the Cincinnati zoo is the one that killed Harambe. 

I do want to take a quick second to laugh about how my friend slipped on a tomato at the Air BNB. I literally told her it was there but she wasn't listening. 

If it didn't require living in Ohio, I think I would consider being a buyer / private label buyer for the R&R hall of fame. It is 6 levels of history that are so inspiring and aesthetically amazing. The roots of rock are Gospel, Blues, R&B, Country, Bluegrass and Folk. Rock is a vibe, its not a genre, that's why artists like Tupac and N.W.A are inductees! I loved looking at all the memorabilia and seeing the history. This is a recurring theme that I will discuss in more posts! Long live rock. 

We picked our baseball game solely because it was  $1 hotdog night. I only consumed 2 but  I regret nothing. The Indians won AND there was a fireworks show at the end. 

Have you ever heard of put-in bay? Yea, me either. Its a little island with cute shops and a cute winery. You rent a golf cart and basically just be old all day. It was fun, definitely not something I knew existed but it was relaxing AF.
Why does summer have to end? 

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