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Aug 20, 2018


Everyone is jumping on these shrooms, you can find a sample kit on Sephora's website now! Its slightly different but still just a good gateway into shrooms. When I first mentioned this product on twitter many people were in a panic, being as through I am in Oregon a green state, but this isn't that kind of shroom. There is nothing hallucinogenic about these mushroom extracts but there are PLENTY of benefits from each. I slowly began seeing Reishi products and tested out a Reishi Coffee from another brand. I liked the flavor and wanted to learn more, so here I am. Testing shrooms. There is a lot of research calling these mushrooms total cure-alls and the answer to many ailments, but in my research I am learning that a lot of the testing is not on humans. While lab results and animals are experiencing exciting results, I will try to not present benefits that truly do not have human research backing. 

REISHI is known for boosting the immune system. Reishi is fungus that grows in humid parts of Asia. It is common in eastern medicine and has been a staple in the last few years. The immune enhancing function of reishi effects white blood cells which help fight infections and cancer. In studies that helps mostly if you are currently sick, the tests are kind of inconclusive when applied to people that are already healthy. It also helps fight fatigue and depression. These effects are typically seen after about 4-8 weeks of consistent use.
To me, the taste is very faint in coffee, it blends well. If you buy it from Four Sigmatic it is part of the stress and sleep pack as well a the hot cacao mix. The Stress and sleep elixir tastes best with a nut milk instead of water. It is recommended to blend the Hot Cacao espresso style. 

TBH I wanted to sample them all to make sure if I made a blend at work I wouldn't shit my pants mid-day. Everyone clap, none of them gave that effect, thank God.
CHAGA is a popular mushroom popping up in bottled drinks at my favorite health stores. Four Sigmatic calls it s force field in a cup. Talk about a nutrient dense superfood, it has B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, potassium, amino acids, fiver, copper, zinc, iron, calcium... just to name a few. It slows the aging process in some studies, but there isn't too much research to support this yet. Chaga mushrooms do help lower cholesterol. Also, in a 2010 study Chaga was shown to slow the growth of lung, breast, and cervical cancer in a petri dish. In 2009 another study showed it to cause tumor cells to self destruct without harming healthy cells in the process, current cancer treatments can cause harm to healthy cells as well as the cancerous ones. All studies however were carried out on animals or in a lab, there is not an conclusive study on humans yet.

CORDYCEPS give you energy and improve performance. Studies show cordyceps helps increase the production of ATP , a molecule essential to delivering energy to muscles.

LIONS MANE has culinary and medical uses in Asia. This is one mushroom many people do equate to being marine/ seafood-like. This mushroom has bioactive substances that help effect the brain, gut and heart. This also helps with mild symptoms of depression and anxiety.

I'm not a Dr. or a scientist, it's not hard to do the research to see what the benefits are to these mushrooms. I wanted to place it all here for those of you who wanted a quick overview! I personally am a fan of the reishi hot cocao and the mushroom elixir mix. Anything to help my stress and anxiety.




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