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Aug 17, 2018


Its national thrift store day! I started finding little gems in high school and honestly haven't stopped. Since moving to PDX I didn't really have the most casual items in my closet or home decor that aesthetically fit my new lifestyle and vibes. Thrifting was such an easy low cost way to update both things for me.
The types of stores that I have found in PDX don't compare to the ones in HTX ( I know... everything is seemingly better in Texas) BUT I have a gem of a goodwill by my house that has surprising finds every time I hit them up. To be honest, I never went into a goodwill before moving here because there were other options I preferred. In the past year I have learned a few tips to shop here specifically because they are an interesting operation!

1) Sunday is when they change their tag colors. Every week a specific color is 50% off, the entire store inventory is rotated so usually that color is the "oldest" (relative term). Sunday, you get the best pick of items because its the first day and there are more things to choose from in that color. I usually don't limit myself by tag colors when I shop, but it's always a cool bonus to find a new item and see that its 50% off.
2) Many Goodwills (including this one that I frequent) get overstock, clearance, or salvage Target items. I have many target home decor items that I found with target tags on them! There are times that I found a few items stocked that were still in stores. I had my eye on some project 62 gold and marble eye bookends and eye coin dish and found both for a total of $15. Total retail in store? $40. If I had the room, or need, I always find the cutest target chairs and bar stools. They are usually in sets of 3 or 2, but for less than $20. I will continue to talk about decorating on the low in many other blog posts!  Just know GW is a go to.
3) Google labels if you aren't familiar and try to pick up quality items. If you are looking at furniture try to aim for solid wood. Looking for clothes? My favorite pair of jeans are a barely worn pair of Lucky brand boyfriend pants that I found for $12.99. I don't know if you can teach a quality eye when it comes to fabrics and construction... its one of extra senses. Typically if something sticks out at me it drapes well, or has great structure or material makeup. I also love cool prints or textures.

After getting these pieces I balance my closet as a mix of highs and lows, new and vintage, and low budget Drew Ginsburg. Below are 3 items on repeat that I purchased this summer that have really mixed into my wardrobe well.
In the first of my Drew G inspired looks, I paired this terribly overpriced Complexcon X Takashi Murakami tee with thrifted Abercrombie Boyfriend Jeans. I think they were 5.99 (Stark contrast from the $60 I paid for a fucking tshirt). A boho statement necklace if my favorite way to dress up a t-shirt and jeans. I lean toward items that look barely worn, and these were washed maybe once before I owned them. When I think of all the things I have donated they are often things I bought but didn't fit so I never wore them, or things that I barely wore and was like... yea lets drop this. I also have mentioned time again, since moving to PDX I have gained the freshman 15, so new jeans were a must. I needed like 6 pairs...  thrifting 6 pairs of GAP, Lucky and other labels was a vibe. I learned that I LOVE Lucky jeans, and now I know my size and how they wear/wash so I am willing to invest in Lucky from their actual stores. To me thrifting is kind of a puzzle piece to my wardrobe, not my pillar, but a good way to balance highs and lows and old and new.
I had to feature this peplum top from Free People. I found it WITH the free people tag still on it, retailing for $128, I grabbed this for $6.99. Its been a reallly warm summer by Portland standards, so the lightweight knit texture of this top has been perfect. The silhouette also is one that looks good on me since I have a small waist but wide hips. It cuts my body in half at a good point and makes the proportion of my body look more normal. Its a fun top to dress up or down, but definitely was a good find. 
This vintage adidas track jacket was actually found at a curated resale shop in LA. My friends John and Dylan bought and shipped it to me. The two levels of thrifting fall into straight up thrift stores like Goodwill, Savers, Value Village, etc and then curated resale shops with fancy names and store fronts. The curated shops are still great because they often have items on consignment from people that just have style and turn their closet often. Crossroads is a cool example where you can grab consignment Chanel or Louis Vuitton, every now and then a Prada heel or Louboutin makes its way into the shop. Again, in some location the merchandise is from someone who wore whatever it was a handful of times so the items still looks pretty new. You can also find a few vintage pieces that haven't surfaced in quite some time but are still relevant... like this jacket! the inside collar is obviously my favorite. 

This skirt thooo. I was combing through the skirt section of GW because again, it's been a hot summer and I needed more options for my legs to breathe. In skirts, construction and cut is really important to me and this knit silhouette fell so perfect on a hangar BUT it is missing its label. I can't verify who made it, but its definitely a quality skirt. It's another fun item to dress up or down and fits very well. Its pleated and drapes just like a cheer skirt but the material makeup is elegant and probably meant for workwear. I'm trying to do my best Drew Ginsburg impression so here is an Outkast tee , western double buckle belt (that I found for $1 when Rue 21 was closing ) and my boho statement necklace.

What an easy summer? I walk out of GW spending less than $20 every time I make my way in and I have found a good formula that works for me and my closet. I do want to make a better effort of sharing some of my daily style and outfits so stay tuned! I have been in a bit of a grunge/punk mode lately. Issa mood and I have no clue how long it will last.

Are you a thrift God?


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