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Oct 18, 2018


Every year I want to try this trend but I feel like it doesn't look good on me. This year I strolled to the thrift store and picked up the most perfect corduroy jacket with shearling trim collar and really cute corduroy cropped pants from H&M. I'm not sure how I fell in love with this texture but I am finally happy with a few f the items I have found! 
Corduroy is popping up in different sizes and so many fall colors. So technically, corduroy is just a tufted form of velvet, together layered the textures make your fall outfits pop! Maybe I just needed the right inspo, I might have been wearing it all wrong before. The cropped H&M pants I purchased are so perfect I kind of want a second pair because they are the most comfortable and best fitting pant I think I own. It's done, I'm on the hunt for a black version. 

XO- Tamara Altair


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