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Mar 21, 2010

Back to Life

Back to reality.

ahh, and so it ends. Spring break, I relaxed, got absolutely no work done, and now... i return to school. The instantaneous hellhole and abyss of fashion crimes, heartless souls, and numb minds. Sounds beautiful doesn't it? Ahh well. Lets do a weeks worth of work in these few sunday hours :)


Unknown said...

My Spring Break ends tomorrow too =(
One week is not enough.

Sofie Marie said...

Ahhh...the happiness of the fresh prince! It brings back memories,I used to watch this show every night...shame it doesn't show on any of my channels anymore :(
Sofie X

Morgan said...

tha infamous 1st episode...shit had me dyin!! i miss that show

but ha im dreadin tomorrow too!
I def saved all my work for today...smh.

I hope you had a good break tho*

check me out at:

Justin said...

Ughhh i wish u luck on school lol, Its always so hard after a break.. ANYWAYS I LOVE THE FRESH PRINCE!

Anonymous said...

I still have another two weeks left before spring break.
I wish procrastination wasn't such an addicting drug :/

JustNorman said...

haha. I wish i weren't here right now.
I think i'm officially done with carmen. i got a 79 [deserved it but still] but i've barely learned shit in there. story of my life



Ms. King said...

My spring break hasn't even started, got two more days.... and they seem to be coming very slowly.

nef said...

nice blog i love it alot peep mine

HeatherClark said...

haha well hopefully it's not as bad as you think...good luck!


MalibuMara said...

haha its not so bad

Sofie Marie said...

Thanks for the lovely comment! Hope your first day back at school doesn't suck too much.

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