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Jul 1, 2010

Calling all Material Girls

We all know I LOVE Lourdes Leon's style.
She has collaborated with her mom on a project you probably heard about MATERIAL GIRL for MACY'S.
Her mom BTW is MADONNA.
The source says:
A teaser ad campaign will break on June 29, 2010 and will offer a hint of the celebrity muse for the launch of “Material Girl.” Madonna and Lola picked the muse who will appear in the multi-platform marketing campaign launching the first week of August,
Material Girl mixes hard and soft elements, like a tutu dress and studded combat boots, or an oversized boyfriend sweatshirt with a floral print mini skirt. Inspired and designed by the duo, "Material Girl" will also launch in multiple categories including footwear, handbags and jewelry and will be available exclusively in approximately 200 Macy’s stores and online at www.macys.com.
“We mix and match textures and fabrics and elements that are both masculine and feminine. It's not complicated. It's dressing in layers. It's not looking like you took too much time thinking about what you're wearing,” says Madonna.
I love it, more under the cut:

This is the first teaser, most people think it is Taylor Momsen.

UGGGGHHH I hate her.
She is so trashy, like wayyy worse than Miley Cyrus. LOL, and fun fact Taylor Momsen was in the running for the role of Hannah Montana!


Jade Purple Brown said...

i dont think its taylor, she probably thinks shes to cool to be in the campaign.

Olive said...

I absolutely love Lourdes! She is so gorgeous!

I really hope it isn't Taylor, it'll definitely taint the appeal of it however Jade above has a fair point; Taylor would refuse because it would ruin her hardcore facade that she's trying on. God I hate her!
She's not cool enough for Madonna...

MalibuMara said...

those are both valid.
I just said that is what most people guess,
i hate her i hope they picked someone else, but they said they picked a "celebrity" muse.
guess we'll see soon.

Anonymous said...

I always thought her daughter's sense of style was so unique especially for her age. Can't wait to see the new line.

MalibuMara said...

i know, Lourdes is one of my favorites

Fashion Wh0re said...

haha Lourdes doin big things..I like Lourdes style and i lvoe taylor momsen her style is nice too and what taylor momsen in run for the role of hannah montana? I think taylor is way to cool for that disney shit lol

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