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Jul 29, 2010

Either you're in, or you're out!

TODAY was a better day,
I went to the art museum with my friend Grace!
DO i have photos? NO! BC i wasn't allowed to take any :/ BOOOO.
I saw some dope stuff, She had a scavenger hunt to do but it was pretty cool.

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Anonymous said...

i can't wait and congrats you are so close to 1,000 followers!

Justin said...

Too bad that they didnt let you take pics!

Tommy Monti (OnlineCultureMag.com) said...

Watching project RunWay

MalibuMara said...

yea they had some really dope stuff,
i was planning on taking a bunch :/
i was kinda pissed lol

Grace said...

Wooooo!!! Shout-out! Haha Unfortunately I didn't get to see PR tonight, I was at the library. Bleh.

Kiera said...

ahhh yes how could we forget about the great project runway...
love it
don't know how i feel about heidi's hair tho...
it was a good episode tonight
for some reason i like project runway better on bravo..idk y
it jus seems like a bravo type of show..but lifetime works too ha

maria said...

great blog.
i like it:)

I'll follow you if you'll follow me:


J. said...

I need a day at the museum, it sounds so relaxing and cultural at the same time! I think I might make the bf take me...
And POO! I missed Project Runway! I know they'll be replaying it somewhere...

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