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Dec 30, 2010

Anna Who?

Imagine a transvestite Anna Wintour.
Random opening right? Well it happened. In this random shoot for a "transversal style" magazine called CANDY, this spread is a take on The Devil Wears Prada. (There is also a tranny Grace Coddington!)
(LMAO and TrannyTavi)


SusuanaLove said...

this is well strange but interesting lol


Doni Brown said...

I like it! I wish they had done Tavi and Rumi too! haha


misselisak said...

BryanBoy is Tavi!!! Too cute. I love it, good!!!!

Victoria Jin said...

the anna poser looks quite real, but that grace tranny looks incredibly creepy. i might get nightmares.


allergic to vanilla said...

love it, the tavi duplicate is hilar!! xo lina

MalibuMara said...

lol, me being racist bc he looks asian Anyway my bad that is tavi,
the last photo i saw of bryan boy was him dressed as tavi for a dress up party! bahahaha

Nancie said...

hahaha, I love Anna and this is so funny but the tranny pulls it off in the first pic

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