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Jul 20, 2011

Beauty and the Brain: Intern Tips

SO I have been reading this Internship Book planning out my networking letters to be sent for the attainment of an internship for SPRING2012.
I'm obviously a pretty organized person and I'm planning out my spreadsheet of places including, but not limited to; Houston, LA, San Francisco, London, NY, and Miami. The reality is I'm most likely gonna stay in Texas, but hey, networking is networking. I have come across some tips to help anyone else who is thinking about looking for an internship:

DO not be late. In fact, be early. Be early and ready to do ANYTHING. You are the at the bottom of the barrel. BUT GUESS WHAT? The point of an internship is to learn, if all you do is get coffee, what are you learning? Find a mentor, or a new internship. Never sever any ties though, everyone really does know everyone.

Don't look complicated for the interview. I understand this is the fashion world, but look presentable, healthy, and natural. Clean look+ Light Makeup.

When it comes to social networking, check yoself! DON'T tweet top secret info.Don't even be on your phone for personal reasons during your hours. And look how you want people to think you are. If your timeline is full of negativity , cursing, and you getting down at the bar... You probably don't look too hott. People like to stalk, we make it so easy for people to stalk us via the internet. So use another name when you get your groove on!

That's all for now, I'll keep making these kinds of posts as I get further into my networking and research :)



Kat said...

i love that green clutch! so cute!! these are really good tips :)


Anonymous said...

I agree, thx for posting these tips. I like the photos too.

misselisak said...

I am reading the Teen Vogue Handbook. Have you? And you are exactly right and I am doing the same thing as far as spreadsheets and research. Two of my top cities are Philadelphia and Atlanta. Mainly because I am looking at graduate fashion programs because it wasn't my undergrad studies... I am sure we could talk more about this. hit me up if you would like. Great post, sorry for the narrative lol.

Urban Fashionisto said...

I really want that book! But it's on the expensive side. I'll have to hold off until I settle into college. I'm soo proud of you! I know you will do great after college.

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