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Jul 25, 2011

Manila, You Look Good.

One month. One month until school starts and I get back into a real schedule, school(all 21 hours), probably work, fashion club. Lots to think about, but amongst all of it, I need to look FAB! Haha, I decided to take today back to my roots and look at Philippine street style. I also slipped some city and food pictures in so you can see some of the culture that I miss.

I want to have fun my last semester! I have a list of concerts I want to go to! And yessss, Frankmusik is coming to Austin, Dallas, and Houston. But he's with Erasure, NGL, Im not a HUGE erasure fan, but it could be fun. The Austin one is at ACL, sooooo unless Austin City Limits tickets fall into my lap, I'm SOL there. And ahhh Kanye West is at ACL this year. BUUUUT Kanye and Jay-z will be in Houston October 26! As you can see my planner will be crazy full this semester... But I'm ok with that.


SusuanaLove said...

I adore Tricia :)


Urban Fashionisto said...

I love manila street style! That's one place I would go to just for the fashion. Check out david guison if you haven't already.


Superblondeep said...

very beautiful girls with vevy cool outfits!! kisses! xoxo

J. said...

I love the preppy look of the shorts with a jacket!
And Kanye is coming to ACL? I didn't see him on the list! (I gotta find a ticket!)

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