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Oct 11, 2011

Krylon Glitter Blast

A DIY girls best friend. I really need to buy this stuff in every color.
For those of you who aren't familiar, Krylon makes regular spray paint:
I enjoy looking at graffiti. The artsy kind that is. And yes I know a thing or two, real artists think krylon (or all american spray paint) is not suitable for graffiti. BUT ANYWAY-- Imagine my excitement when I saw these cans! I mean, Imagine all the DIY possibilities:

Revamp old flats

Revamp and old bag!

Decorating Ideas!, I want to do picture frames.



Anonymous said...

wow, spray paint glitter, that is genius.

Dream said...

The shoes are amazing!

Anonymous said...

So cool !!!


Anonymous said...

I love glitter.

David Leron said...

Never been a glitter fan. My mother and sister on the other hand, they're obsessed.

SusuanaLove said...

Really inspired :)


Simply Mily said...

Glitter spray!!!!! I so need some =)

Allie H. said...

Seriously! All these tutorials I see with people buying super fine glitter and mod podge should be looking for this stuff. I've been itching to glitter-fy a pair of heels or a cosmetic bag and this stuff would come in handy. I love the color variety and all the possibilities!

Anonymous said...
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