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Nov 4, 2011

Getting Further Each Day.

 AHH, the semester is almost over but I still have so much to accomplish. Im ready to move on but I have no clue where I'm going. It seems so irrational to just back up and leave, but In the semester of trying things I never have, packing up and just leaving wherever the wind takes me seems like a good idea.

Oh and I got the versatile blogger award, I haven't gotten an award in a long time! lol.
Thanks to Lateisha from A Chic habit ! Im supposed to thank the person I got it from and then pass it on to 15 people... WOW. lets seee....
7 Things about me:
1. I am desperately searching for an internship
2.I am graduating with my bachelors in May :)
3. I love street style.
4. I also like to DIY
5. You may not know this but I LOVE cooking and considered starting a cooking blog... never had time for it LOL. And I like cooking cool exotic things that I can't buy in this small college town -___-
6.I do Zumba ..LOL
7. I am currently obsessed with Frankmusik, Childish Gambino, Kanye and Jay-z, Ellie Goulding and Basement Jaxx (weird combo huh?)

So which 15 do I pass it to?
We might be a little short LOL.


Jenna Hughes said...

wow thanks so much for passing on this award! thats so cool. congrats on getting yourself. i know that you will be successful in whatever you decide to do after graduating. theres a lot of opportunity in LA


Mimi said...

i honestly wish i can just pack up and go wherever i wanna go. *sigh* wishful thinking. ;)

anyways, congratulations on the award! it always feels amazing to get one of those. :)

<3, Mimi

LOLA FINN said...

Hi :)
Thank you sooooo much for this award!!! I´m so happy that you like my blog! You´re so cuuute1!! Thank you, thank you thand you!!!! :)

PS: Those pics are so cool! I want those boots on the third pic! Really cool! ;)


J. said...

AWWWW, thank you! You're too sweet!
As far as just packing up and leaving, (I think it's called wanderlust,) not going to lie, I've done it and it was very scary but so worth it! However, I was done with school and had no other obligations other than family and friends. That's the only time I've ever done it but the urge hits me fairly often.

PS-I do Zumba too...a lot!!!

SusuanaLove said...

WHOOP thankyou so much! I dont think thts a weird combo, and a cooking blog isnt a bad idea either i love posting things ive made on fb :P xx


misselisak said...

OMG I Love you Malibu!!!! My first blog award ;). I will cherish it forever, really!!!

Unknown said...

its almost grad time...I am so happy for you! You are a dedicated girl!
congrats on your blog award :)

Urban Fashionisto said...

ahhh why am I just seeing this?! Thanks :-)

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