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Nov 1, 2011

New Nail Art Trend-Magnetic Polish?

I was flipping through my teenVOGUE before bed last night and came across this ad:

NEW NAIL ART TREND ALERT, MAGNETIC NAILS. This seems pretty interesting.

Basically, its a nail polish with magnetic files imbedded, and the tip of the nail polish cap has a strong magnet that pulls the design out of the lacquer.
IT retails for $16, but this trend is bound to make it's way into other brands soon for less. I know essence has a version out there but it dries quick so you have to work pretty fast, also the polish and magnets are sold separate, I only saw the price in Euros but I think its around $5-6 for the polish and 3-4 for the magnet:



Jenna Hughes said...

i have my own idea for these nail polish trends. how about what looks like water droplets on your nails, you know when your in the shower and the water gets stuck in droplets on your nails... i think that'd be really cool haha! Awesome to hear about your classes, for a second i thought you lived in malibu because of your blog name and i thought we were neighbors but i guess not!


Kat @ paper doll theory said...

Saw that you were from Houston too! What a lovely blog. I love messing with nail polish. We actually have some tutorials on our blog. I must try this! Thanks for sharing hope you can stop by :)

Love kat

Marcia B. said...

oh wow this is super cool!

Vicky A. said...

The are so cute!!! A little pricey though!

http://beautyverse.blogspot.com/ take a look at my blog and follow back if you want!

Unknown said...

You always have the best post!! I've given you a versatile blogger award...check it out

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