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Sep 18, 2012

Current Crave: Steve Madden Hilights

I give in. It started with the photo I tweeted at Charlotte Russe of the Red Sneaker wedges. It was confirmed when I tried on the Steve Madden Hilights. This sneaker wedge trend is priced everywhere from $25-$650 so its super attainable for any price point. I personally am obsessed with the Steve Maddens, but I might spring for the Qupid inspired mainly because they are so trendy, I don't think they'll last multiple seasons.Of course you can always splurge on the original Isabel Marants, I mentioned them on twitter a while back about how iffy I was about the trend... But as always I have fallen in the like.
Partly want to go for the Gold.

All black Maybe?

Steve Madden Hilight, retail $150.
Black on Black on Blackkkk.


misselisak said...

The gold are my fave!!!! I'm gaudy ;)

MalibuMara said...

LOL, The gold are cute! AHHH, Why can't I just get them all.

Annette said...

I love these steve madden hilights. I was after them about 2 weeks ago. Saw them on the nordstrom website for £97.98

They are soo dope and a good lookalike to the original Isabel Marant sneakers without the hefty price tag..

But I just couldn't wait to have them shipped over that after trying a few department stores in London and still not finding them. I popped into Zara and saw a fly pair of inspired Isabel Marant sneakers but without the velcro straps but in laces. They are just as fly…

Hot Happenings!

Maria Bastida said...

OMG looove them! I want the black ones please ;) haha


Amparo said...

I like it!


Izzy said...

I love these shoes too! but will probably opt for white/grey as the others are too daring for me haha.


we wear things said...

i'm intrigued by these. love/hate relationship. go for it!


J. said...

So not sure what I think of these...but I'm not going to lie, I've scoped out the Steve Maddens...I was curious...

Unknown said...

definitely the black on black! love the wedge sneaker... wish I was cool enough to pull them off though!

If you like, I would love it if you take a look at my latest post :)

Jess xo


hi-imcurrentlyobsessed said...

Have you seen the dupes from Target for an even smaller fraction of the price? They look just as awesome!!!

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