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Dec 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Everyday is my Birthday

Well I turned 23! I had a long birthday weekend but overall I enjoyed it! It feels great to have a birthday that is not laden with a FINAL. LOL, For the past 8 years of my life there has been at least a final or major test on my birthday. LE SIGH. The perils of being an adult.
LEFT TO RIGHT: I bought myself a pair of Sky Hi Wedge Dunks. I decided if I was going to give in to the wedge sneaker trend I might as well go with my favorite sneaker and add a wedge// I spoiled myself a bit for my b-day... I also have a pair of black Nike Free's that are not pictured. // Miss Grace and Miss Jacquie. Honestly two of my truest best friends. My ride or dies LOL. // My mom made the wait surprise me at the first bay dinner. He sang me happy bay too. It was mildly great and mildly embarrassing// Grace got me some Marc Jacobs Lola perfume, I love how obnoxious it is! I'm also wearing Ciate Velvet Mani that Jacquie bought me, review soon// It was the same day as the Santa Pub Crawl. HAHA// If you're behind on the times I bought a 2013 ltima... I completed my key ring with an ID pouch from Michael Kors.// Miss Jacquie and I in Galveston, the waves were pretty choppy!// Of course my friends had to tell the waiter it was my birthday LOL. Our waiter was super sweet tho!`
Also not photographed, but happened during the week; I attended SONY713.The band was pretty good, as was the food. They served some drink from Prohibition that involved a ginger beer. LOL, Bun B even showed up for a bit. I wish I took more photos but I was being a bad blogger and wayyyy out of my element since it was a techie event and not fashion related. I must say though, I did play around with some Sony cameras and I am very impressed.

PS The ton-tons are super fab. I love great local Talent.


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Happy Belated Birthday, glad you enjoyed it!

MalibuMara said...

@Antionette Thank you dear :)

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