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Feb 7, 2016

Cover FX Make-Up | #Jointheclick

I had the pleasure of spending a fun brunch with Cover FX and the amazing Derek Selby, the Global Brand Ambassador.  So when it comes to coverage, I don't wear much (as seen below) because I never really can find my color. Then when I do it doesn't exist in powder, liquid, cream etc. I took one step into the world of Cover FX and my life was complete.
 I am G+60, which is a golden deep skin tone. There is a lot that went into the color theory that makes up the Cover FX line. They not only match their colors to real skin, but whether you have golden , pink, or neutral Colortone once you find your match, it's your match across products. You would think that this is standard practice but from my experience it's not. 

Cover FX was originally developed for people with very sensitive skin so products have always been vegan, no parabens, and animal friendly. They now have some new products that I DIE over. One being the new Click Stick (perfect for a girl who travels like me) , and the new perfect pencil that retails for $18, and makes the perfect nude eyeliner, among many other things.  In this Click Stick you are able to carry a small amount of your cream color, or highlights, blush tones, corrective colors... its basically endless.
I have been wearing it since the brunch and I must say, Its pretty good! I am one for minimal coverage but the grocery bags under my eyes are like byeeeeee! I can finally look more awake without being too light or too dark. I feel like my color isn't hard to match but I've generally worn shades a little lighter or darker and just blended.  Oh-- and Cover FX has 2 times the pigment as other brands, so a little goes a long way!
No Filter, what a match for me huh? Im obsessed.
My other fave is the idea of this custom color drop. you can put 1-4 drops into ANYTHING to create coverage in whatever you already apply daily. For me, I love my Clarins double serum so adding this to what I already wear is genius.
Who else gets darker in the summer? Custom colors = OMG WHAT.

Everything is available at Sephora and they are great at helping you find your shade! With a Global palate like theirs I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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