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Jun 21, 2016


If you can recall, I recently have tried some NKD SKN products and its been a fun way to even out my skin tone. Its so easy to use and the formula is nice and even, and really easy to apply. In time for summer NKD SKN released a new pre-shower tan.

This product requires 4 simple steps.

1: Apply
2: Wait 10 minutes
3: Shower
4: Wait for tan to appear after 4-8 hours

This went on smooth and even and worked a little better than I expected. I have the same result as the gradual daily glow lotion but instead of applying and sleeping in it, this was something I was able to wash off. This was great  because with the other one my pup Toshi felt the need to lick me constantly. This quick formula is perfect for a girl on the go who wants to quickly build up her tan. 


This item was given to me for review by NKD SKN. All opinions are my own so back up off me. 

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