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Mar 28, 2017


After work today I headed to a cute meetup with Glossier and AirBnB. I have always seen people talk about glossier but they are online only and I was cautious of just ordering things from them. I was able to try a few items and they even gave everyone boy brow and balm dot com. YOU GUYS, BOTH OF THESE ARE INSTANT FAVES.

I got coconut balm dot com for free but I want to order mint, I linked many glossier items below. In addition to the balm I got Boy Brow in clear. I want to order it in brown to take my brows next level. I like the way the brush and serum make my brows look a tad messy. I liked the undone huge brow effect.

Even the packaging is really nice. Fun fact, who was a fan of The Hills? Remember the girl that was so mean to Whitney when she worked at that magazine? That was Emily Weiss, the founder and CEO of Glossier! She worked her ass off and started such a great brand. I'm glad to have explored a part of downtown  being able to try everything.

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