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Apr 1, 2017


I can't believe it's already SPRING and its already APRIL. I can't believe I live in Portland. I'm not sure when that feeling is supposed to set in. Now that it's spring its very wet. Lots of showers but the days the sun does peek out, its so pretty. I also think SAD-- seasonal affective disorder is real. I think thats why I didn't create a lot of content until recently. I have come to the conclusion that I definitely hate Winter. 

Now that I have been here for about 6 months the things I like and don't like a pretty clear. Its very pretty here and I would enjoy it more if I had a dog or more friends here. There are a lot of cool food places here. The locals make it seem like the local restaurants are magic but LA and Austin have way more unique options. I keep only experiencing new forms of American or Asian food. This brings me to what I know I don't like about Portland, which is what I knew I would not like before I got here. LACK OF DIVERSITY. Its funny how small of a box people put all of Texas is. Like, Austin is not Houston at all. El Paso is DEFINITELY not Houston at all. San Antonio is not Houston at all. 
Houston is the most diverse place in America, it just passed New York. Without getting into the different kinds of food in Houston I will say, I miss food that has seasoning or flavor. Even American food in Houston has a kick. 
I also hear a lot of people talk about how the South is slow when it comes to trends but like... Portland is slow AF. There are actually 4 seasons here, so you can't just jump into summer / resort wear. Its SLOW. I like having 4 seasons though because its just soooo pretty. As much as I like just hot and cold... I'll put up with just 3 months of Winter. I fucking hate winter but like... I'll let it ride. 
I do hate going places and being literally the only black (technically half) person there. I get random stares sometimes, and in other settings sometimes I feel invisible. Thankfully in Portland its not scary. I will say in Houston, because of how diverse it is, if you find yourself the only black person in the room... it's kinda scary.
I tell myself not to compare Houston and Portland but while I'm here I feel like in my head I can't help it. My most important comparison is my career, and thankfully I enjoy my job very much! I am learning a lot and have great colleagues. I always say I never knew I would ever move here so I'm just going to let it ride, and keep growing. Who knows what will happen next.

Until then, I am really trying to check out more of Portland now that its not frozen. 


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