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Apr 3, 2017


Influenster hosted their first in person event and it was with Origins, the skincare company. I have heard of them in the past  but since I already have some staples in this category I haven't ventured anywhere else. Lucky for me Origins sent me 5 mini samples ahead of the party. My favorite trick for trying new skincare is requesting a small sample from the beauty counter or just buying a small travel size. If the place you are buying from has a great return policy then it shouldn't be a problem to just return something that doesn't work for you. Otherwise, these little samples always help convince me if I want to buy a large version or not. They also make the perfect travel companions.

So, what's in the Box?
HIGH POTENCY NIGHT-A-MINS: Overnight cream to boost radiance
CLEAR IMPROVEMENT: Charcoal mask that clears pores and dissolves impurities
GINZING MOISTURIZER: Lightweight and oil free moisturizer that hydrates and renews, revs up radiance
CHECKS AND BALANCES: Frothy face wash
GINZING EYE CREAM: Reduces dark circles, depuffs, and brightens 

I attended the "event" on Saturday but the store in Bridgeport was tiny. No one greeted me when I walked in and there was not any of the advertised tea readings I wanted to experience. I had never ventured out to Bridgeport before so I wasn't completely upset, but in terms of an event... it wasn't anything that I needed to attend. They had facials but the line was super long and I think there was an artist instead of a tea reader. I think I am being critical since this is one of the first events I have been to here. Its such a small city, I shouldn't expect the same as H-Town events but damn. I gotta start planning these myself.


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