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Sep 4, 2017

Fenty Beauty | YASSSSS

We all acknowledge Rihanna is beautiful and a style icon, so I am really excited that she is launching a makeup line. I''ll just cut to the chase, Rih has said that her line includes 40 shades of foundation! I swear by CoverFX but I am really excited to come across another brand that has many skintones in the range. Now that I am living somewhere with no diversity, I am really hypersensitive to pointing it out when I see it. I applaud Rihanna for putting more than "Light , Medium, and Dark" tones in her collection.

What I have always hated was seeing lip colors and not knowing that that would look like on my skin. I have a pretty large lip color collection but before buying anything I scour the internet for reviews from tan girls. Every color looks great on paper white, it's just a different ball game when your skin has melanin. I can't wait to see what Rih Rih is releasing and I will definitely try to get my hands on everything I can. There is one sephora in PDX but this will be available online on her site and Sephora.com. 
These hilighters! OMG!

OMG are these lip colors? I WANT THEM ALLLLLLL.
I can't wait!


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