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Sep 10, 2017

LOVE BUG: Probiotics for 30 days

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM I mentioned early last month that I would be trying out Lovebug probiotics. This is not sponsored but they did send me these for free. You can buy individual bottles at Target or other retailers or have a box like the one pictured above be delivered to you monthly. My box featured 3 different specific probiotics but in one month I only made my way though the "Here's the skinny" bottle. I will take on the vitamin C bottle next because FLU SZN is coming. 
So lets just get this out of the way: NO, PROBIOTICS DO NOT GIVE YOU THE SHITS. I think a lot of people were worried about me at first but if anything it makes you regular. I have been taking probiotics since I was younger in the form of yakult ( a yogurt that was originally an asian thing but slowly became American as I got older). 
What are probiotics for? In short, they are a good bacteria for your gut. When you think about it, most of your body is determined by what does on in your gut. Eating something bad can make you feel sick, actually get sick, effect your skin, and other health issues. Probiotics help keep your gut healthy. There are many foods that are loaded in probiotics but this pill is fail proof and is an easy way to get them all at once. 
I feel a lot better taking them. I am less bloated and feel less sick throughout the day. A fun annoying fact about me is that typically around 3 I start to feel sick. My doctor told me its just heartburn. Its much better now that I don't live in Houston, but every now and then I get this feeling. If I am consistent with my probiotic I don't have it. I heard there are some strains that help while traveling so my probiotics will come with me wherever I go now.

For maximum potency keep your probiotics in the refrigerator and take them before eating. Its easiest to just start the morning with it. They stay in your system for about 10 hours, you could take one at night too if you felt inclined, but I stick to just mornings. 
Would you try probiotics? I will be filming a Youtube video on these as well pretty soon!


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